Senior Software Engineer - Full Stack (m/f/d)

We are looking for a candidate with a strong engineering background to join our team and help develop our SaaS product(s) as a Senior Full Stack Engineer.

70.000€ - 85.000€

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Position Overview

As a logistics startup which has pivoted somewhat, our main goals moving forward are
1) transforming/modernising legacy service (removing tech debt) and
2) creating new services and features for our customers.

Responsibilities includes transforming user requirements into actionable tasks, communicating design decisions to the team and development (of course). In addition, there is considerable work to be done on transitioning legacy services and transforming/restructuring them into more modern, manageable and concise services.

Our primary tech stack moving forward is Typescript, React, NodeJS, SQL, ElasticSearch and AWS/CDK. In addition, we do have one Python project. Further, we have some legacy projects in Java/Kotlin and using Spring Boot – These will require migration in the coming months.


• Execute and build new services from user story to production (basically, execute and see the whole software development lifecycle through)
• Deploy programs and evaluate user feedback
• Troubleshoot, debug and upgrade existing systems
• Document and maintain software functionality
• Write well-designed, testable code


• Fluency in English
• Able to clearly and effectively communicate
• Experience creating full applications from scratch, given user requirements
• Solid knowledge of Typescript
• Solid foundation of React and it's modern hooks
• Working experience with NodeJS
• A solid understanding of both functional programming, as well as OOP
• A clear understanding of basic design principles
• Working experience in a cloud infrastructure

Desirable, but not required

• Fluency in German
• Resides in Hamburg
• AWS and CDK
• Terraform and/or Ansible
• Experience with NestJS
• Experience creating custom CI/CD pipeline (preferably GitHub pipelines)
• Experience with Micro Frontends (Webpack 5 Module Federation


We are looking for a strong, multi-paradigm engineer who is eager to learn and able to take user requirements and transform them into a working application. Despite the long list of
requirements, we care less about what exactly you know. Instead, what's more important is that we find a candidate who is:

• Humble
• Easy to work with
• Great at communicating
• Willing to both teach, as well as learn, for their peers
• Not afraid of taking on new challenges where the road isn't always clear. We're a startup
after all, so we're figuring some of it out as we go along ;)

And lastly... Let's build something cool and have fun along the way!

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