We are an innovative, creative and fast-growing Hamburg start-up in the logistics sector. Our goal is to build the largest truck transport network in Europe. Truck transports should be easier, cheaper and more effective than ever before. For this purpose, we have completely digitalised the transport process chain. And we have developed modern machine learning algorithms and deep neural networks to predict individual truck tours. This allows us to immediately calculate a market price for each shipment. This is unique in Europe.

How do we start a new era?
With an excellent team:

  • Agata Porazinska

    Head of Carrier

    Agata holds a Master's degree and an LL.M in law. However, she is not concerned with dusty files, but with the entire Eastern European transport market. In addition to legal issues, she is also responsible for sales and marketing in the neighbouring country.

  • Alessandro Romano

    Data Scientist

    Our Italian colleague Alessandro should have been on stage as a comedian and not in the programming world. Fortunately things have turned out differently. As a data scientist, he works directly on our algorithm, so that we can take short-term fuel price fluctuations into account in route planning. But programming can also be strenuous - so nothing works without his toothbrush, coffee and a 28 inch monitor. In his spare time Alessandro plays guitar, reads, does sports and just chills on some good Netflix series. He then secretly works on his private Linux/RaspberryPi projects. A cheerful super-nerd of the next generation.

  • Alexander Buja

    Sales Manager Eastern Europe

    As a student of Slavic studies and a multilingual trade fair professional, Alex supports our Polish special unit. He regularly travels across Europe for the Eastern European market, completing his studies virtually as a part-time job en passant.

  • Ali Issa

    Network Management

    Ali is a bundle of energy. If an average person says 16,000 words a day, Action Ali is easily twice as many. When he's not talking, he plays volleyball, eats pasta at Franco's or travels around the world. The whole world, mind you.

  • Bert Manke

    CSO & CMO

    As a passionate musician Bert orchestrates his team with a lot of sensitivity and clarity, so that Cargonexx grows in time and continuously. The phrase "That's your baby" is often heard from Bert. His understanding of team leadership is that everyone develops their own area of responsibility and makes their own decisions. He understands his role as a sparring partner and coach. Bert gained experience as managing director of an M-Dax company and from various start-ups. As a small boy (and Bert was never really small with his 2.04 m) he wanted to become an animal researcher. Even Bert cannot live without the weekly visits to O-ren Iishi. In the evening Bert spends his time with his children and studies drums and piano part-time.

  • Buchhaltung

    Alexandra König
    Valerie Jordan

    Unsere im Oktober 2016 zur Miss Billing der Cargonexxwelt gewählte Valerie hat nun tatkräftige Unterstützung. Alex, die nicht nur federleicht mit Zahlen jongliert sondern auch tonnenschwere Gewichte stemmt und Lia, eine Jagdhündin die am liebsten auf der Pirsch nach Kuscheltierschweinen ist, stellen das klischeehafte Bild von einem drögen Buchhaltungsbüro gehörig auf den Kopf und bringen ordentlich Leben in die Bude.

  • Can Akin


    Can is a former management consultant who uses his bright MBA-crowned head to set up and optimize efficient processes, solve problems and make plans at Cargonexx. Privately he likes to run marathons and bake dedicated cakes. Can can do anything. Except maybe cycling.

  • Felix Huber

    Head of Fleet Management

    Two metres of motivation in one piece. Even if you can hear your smile on the phone, we are considering using Skype or Facetime for our future sales. His heart beats for the secret Bundesliga hope FC Nottensdorf 03 - ours for self-learning algorithms.
    And for Felix.

  • Jörn Klepper

    Head of Sales Germany

    Jörn, "the old man", orchestrates our dispatching unit. As a role model and coach, he ensures that our young networkers become absolute sales professionals. As a globetrotter, he has travelled to over 70 countries and counts Nepal among his favorites because of its incredible nature and Burma because of its over-friendly people. Actually he had earned and already planned his retirement after more than 20 very successful years in the real estate and financial sector. Then he let Bert enrapture him to accelerate a second time in a young company with great potential. He did not regret it. And his world tour with his girlfriend is only postponed and not cancelled.

  • Julian Thümer

    Product Development Manager

    Julian has been with us from hour zero, so he can operate and optimise both the coffee machine and the Cargonexx system better than anyone else. He is a proven sports freak and above all fit in cross-functional thinking. His ideas are quite ingenious, as is his milk foam.

  • Lawrence Wamala

    Senior Backend Developer

    Lawrence is our most innovation-hungry developer in the team. With his creative ideas he programs in our back-end features, which are simply completely new. Originally from Uganda, Lawrence wanted to become a neurosurgeon to understand the secrets of the brain. During his lunch break he prefers to eat... nothing (How does that even work?!). Besides his work he plays with the kids in the park and recovers. His conclusion from two years in Germany: he drank more beer than in his whole life before. Our top favourite for the integration prize!

  • Manuel Eigen

    Partner Manager Spain

    Our Manuel is part of the "Team Spain" and therefore in charge of setting up new Spanish partner companies. It is no coincidence that he changed from Network to Partner Management. Manu lived in southern Spain for more than two years and has been bringing the relaxed and cheerful Mediterranean atmosphere to the office ever since. He probably also learned to walk through the office in hot weather with socks...but who knows?! Outside Cargonexx, he loves cooking Spanish tapas, jogging or playing football and is always looking for a new apartment in the crazy Hamburg housing market.

  • Matthew Tompstett

    Senior Frontend Developer

    Matt, “the Climber”, is one of our developers and is programming the front-end of our new web application. Coming from London, he was attracted by the opportunity to program something completely new. He found his love for computers only after he found out as a child that dinosaurs no longer lived. It’s a pity, because his plan as a paleontologist was to travel the world and explore new species. Today, in his spare time, he explores new climbing locations, such as mountains, rocks and indoors - everything that is possible. Our Matt is definitely one of the favourites for the most relaxed employee of Cargonexx.

  • Max Stahl

    Werkstudent Network Management

    Unser Max oder auch „Mr. Steel“ ist bei uns Praktikant in der operativen Abteilung. Er ist einfach mal so lässig, dass er gleich beides macht - Vertrieb UND Service. Dabei versucht er, die Zusammenarbeit der beiden Abteilungen zu erleichtern. Sobald Max Feierabend macht, wird es dann aber doch etwas skurril. Der Schreibtisch muss picobello aufgeräumt sein und der Ordnung halber alles nebeneinander oder im 90 Grad Winkel zueinander liegen. Diese Makke ist wohl genehmigt. Und wenn er mal nicht gerade bei Cargonexx schafft oder in der Uni sitzt, dann betreibt Max, die Wasserratte, Wassersport vom Feinsten. Hätte er sechs Monate frei, dann würde er mit dem Auto einmal um die Welt fahren. Oder auch in einer abgespeckten Version - von Alaska nach Feuerland. Bescheiden und draufgängerisch war unser Max ja schon immer.

  • Nico Schulze

    Head of Human Resources

    Nico´s mission at Cargonexx is to find and bring on board only the best and coolest employees. After university, he actually wanted to set up his own business. Fortunately, Bert was able to convince him that working at Cargonexx is like becoming self-employed, as one is initiating own projects. Promise was kept! No matter how hot the day may be, Nico is always walking around with a cup of tea. A daily session meditation in the lunch break helps him to keep a clear head and to start the afternoon with a relaxed posture & new energy. Outside of Cargonexx our Nico learns as an eternal student for university, goes to CrossFit or relaxes at darts and piano. He dreams of traveling through Europe's rivers by kayak and completing a Budokon training in Florida. Hey, anyone can do simple.

  • Oliver Broscheit

    Head of Partner Manager

    Olli "BRO" brings the right know-how to Cargonexx with his concentrated experience as a dimploma business economist, trainer and lecturer at several universities. As a "Hunter", he ensures that we win international key accounts for our service. Away from Cargonexx, Olli dreams of the Côte D'Azur, which he has known and loved since childhood. "Where is Olli anyway?" is the question everyone asks at two o'clock in the night when celebrating. He just knows you leave when it's best. If he were unbooked for six months, he would be taught abroad for one semester. Teaching has always been his thing - even at Cargonexx.

  • Paul Möckel

    Transport Service Manager

    Paul is one of our "firemen" in the Transport Service Team. As an all-rounder, however, he can actually check everything - from tour brokerage to customer service to pallet accounts. That's how we praise ourselves. Our Paulo Möckelinho is actually a disguised Italian. A devout football fan, he loves the country with his food, wine and Mediterranean mentality. With him, too, nothing works without coffee - of course, his irrepressible energy must come from somewhere. Away from Cargonexx you meet Paul playing sports with friends or swinging your leg. Even if he is not really Italian - he has passion in his blood!

  • Rolf-Dieter Lafrenz


    To be top class in an industry is not enough for him. While the most important media companies in the republic have trusted Rolf-Dieter's advice over the past decades, logistics representatives throughout Europe are now doing the same. In Chuck's shoes instead of suit shoes, he is now breaking new ground and fits in perfectly with the beautiful new startup world.

  • Sebastian Döring

    Software Testing

    Sebastian supports the product area with concentrated technology and process management know-how, as well as strong click competence. In addition to his master's degree, he is putting the system through its paces for us.

  • Sebastian Latzko

    Head of Transport Management

    Our Seb orchestrates our service department in the heart of Cargonexx. He and his team, or our "internal fire brigade", ensure that all booked tours run without errors - come what may! As a lost footballer talent from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, he found us because the adventure called for him. So he uses every free minute - if he has one - to convert his colleagues to FC Hansa Rostock. When he's not saving tours for us, you meet Seb either travelling or wakeboarding. Calm as a monk and in a good mood, as if the sun shines every day - that is our Seb!

  • Sebastian Wojcik

    Network Management

    Sebastian takes care of our Polish carriers. He is supported by Basti, an experienced disposition expert and a dangerous watchdog of 27 centimetres, who can bark in both German and Polish.

  • Simon Löbbecke

    Transport Service Manager

    Simon "the interface" is part of the fire brigade team in service. He lives service! No - he is service! No less than the highest customer satisfaction is his claim and for this he gives everything he has every day. As a hardcore BVB fan he is the counterpart to Hansa Seb. Their friendly rivalry sometimes turns out to be such that you can watch their FIFA match virtually live after work. He serves Fritz Cola for breakfast - why not?! Internal football tournaments are always organised by him. Somebody must know something. Our Simon has it in every way!

  • Timo Altstadt

    Head of Sales Germany

    Timo is our man for the big sales. Starting as a working student, he immediately took over the network management (typically Cargonexx!). Today he travels through Germany for us and wins major customers with his charismatic manner. Sometimes speaking in Hamburg's street slang, then again on a highly academic level - Timo simply reaches everyone. As a travel partner on business trips, you are better be prepared with sports equipment - for morning and evening! In this way, problems are also lifted out of his way if necessary. According to the motto: It doesn't work, it doesn't exist.

  • Tom Krause


    We were second place in the German Digital Prize 2017, but definitely won the first prize in the secret competition for the most casual CTO. With radiant prudence Tom continues to expand the development area of Cargonexx and thus becomes from delivery- to one-click-trucking-hero.

  • Trond v. Stern

    Head of Business Development

    Trond keeps our internal and external growth engine running. Not joking - without him, this organisation would have stopped. And he started out innocently as an intern. Two years later, he was responsible for our most important business development projects. A lot is typical for Trond. For example, not a week goes by without eating at least once in O-ren Ishii. And our hero at work also needs two things to perform in the everyday jungle: His sneakers from Wado's and the Noise-Cancellig headphones. Away from Cargonexx you can find our Trond either in the city park Ultimate Frisbee play or sail on the Alster. Exceptional hobbies for an extraordinary person.

  • Viktor Leinweber


    Viktor's main job is to keep the girls' bookkeeping unit in a good mood. As a part-time job, he manages everything to do with the pallet accounts. Viktor dared his new start from Rostock to leave the usual and look beyond his own nose. Good call! He almost became an architect. Anyway, they thought so because he used to use Lego to build all kinds of stuff. Now you meet Viktor away from Cargonexx at the wakeboard station or in bars to philosophize about millions of ideas. We are already waiting for his next world idea for Cargonexx's billing system.

  • Wolfgang Kuhn

    Head of Partner Management Germany

    Wolfgang, one of our more experienced sales people, makes sure that we win the really big accounts for our service. He was quickly convinced by Bert to join the promising business model of Cargonexx. Since then, a completely different wind has blown in partner management. Or maybe it's because Wolfgang brought his own fan... who knows. Our Wolfgang is a bit different. If he drinks coffee even though he doesn't like it and only when it gets cold. Over the weekend Wolfgang restores his old farmhouse in Dithmarschen. Being different can be so wonderful.

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