Cargonexx supports the initiative #Logistikhilft


All truck drivers in logistics work very hard, especially in the current times. Rest areas are partly closed, in sanitary facilities access is often not allowed.

In order to counteract this situation, the Cargonexx team has decided to donate to the industry initiative #Logistikhilft. In its first project, the initiative is dedicated to seamless access to sanitary facilities for drivers. It was launched by BMVi, Logistics Alliance Germany, Frauenhofer IML and BGL e.V., among others.

To date, Cargonexx employees have donated a sum of over 600 euros, which Cargonexx has increased fivefold in order to make working conditions in operational activities fairer. Seamless access to clean sanitary facilities for drivers, as well as urgently needed protective equipment (disinfectants, mouth and nose masks, and gloves) are to be guaranteed and provided.

Together Cargonexx is pursuing the goal of supporting all operational employees in transport and logistics, especially in times of crisis, in order to create appropriate working conditions to ensure that society and the economy are supplied.

More information about the initiative #Logistikhilft and how you too can support can be found here.

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