What does Cargonexx offer?

  • Capacity


    40 Tons

  • Capacity


    12 Tons

  • Capacity


    7,5 Tons

  • Freight


    European Union

  • Type



  • Type


    Box trailers

  • Refrigerated



  • Dangerous Goods

    Dangerous Goods


  • Pallets



  • Longterm



  • On Demand

    On Demand


State-of-the-art technologies for still
easier and cheaper truck transports

  • Responsible forwarding agent

    We take over your load as the responsible forwarder. Cargonexx is your contractual partner. You will receive a personal contact person. He takes care of all aspects of your transports.

  • Highest quality standards

    Quality is crucial for us. Our own fleet grows month by month. In our network, we check every transport company before it leaves for us. We evaluate each journey according to strict criteria and then select our carriers.

  • Less CO2

    Less CO2 for a better climate Cargonexx increases the utilization of trucks with state-of-the-art technologies. In this way we reduce empty runs, traffic and greenhouse gas emissions. In our own fleet, we have already been able to reduce CO2 emissions by 10% - simply by improving capacity utilisation.

  • Technology for higher capacity utilization

    Cargonexx has developed the first artificial intelligence in truck transport. This enables us to combine transports and tours in advance and reduce empty runs. In this way we save costs and pass this advantage on to our customers in the form of favourable prices.

  • Digital Processes

    We have digitized all processes. Our clients always know the status of the transport. In the event of delays, we actively inform our customers in advance and solve problems together.

  • Maximum flexibility

    Cargonexx has a fleet of trucks that drive exclusively for us. In addition, we are building one of the largest truck networks in Europe. Over 8,000 registered and audited transport companies with over 120,000 trucks are already part of it. This enables us to guarantee a very high degree of flexibility, even when capacities become tight.

Frequently asked questions

  • What loads does Cargonexx offer?
    We currently offer full loads for long-distance transport. This includes all forms of standard transports, loads on pallets, temperature-controlled transports and most classes of dangerous goods. For transports of less than 200 kilometres, please contact us. We are expanding our range step by step. In the future we will also offer partial loads. Liquid and bulk goods as well as containers will follow later.
  • Which regions does Cargonexx cover?
    In principle, we can operate any long-distance route within the European Union. Switzerland and Great Britain are excluded so far.
  • Does Cargonexx take special truck requirements into account?
    We cover most requirements in standard transport. Our fleet includes e.g. mega trailers, Code XL or vehicles with truck-mounted forklifts. We can also cover special load protection requirements, such as edge protectors, additional side slats or certifications for the transport of hazardous goods. Contact us if you have special requirements.
  • Does Cargonexx also provide trailers?
    Yes. Cargonexx has its own trailers. If our customers wish, we can provide permanent trailers for loading.
  • Does Cargonexx organise the exchange of pallets?
    Yes. We organize the exchange of all common loading equipment.
  • Does Cargonexx bay time windows?
    Yes. On request we book the time windows for loading and unloading.
  • Is Cargonexx a modern freight exchange?
    No. Cargonexx is a shipping company. We are your only contractual and contact partner. As a forwarding agent in accordance with the German Commercial Code (HGB), we assume responsibility for your transport. We have our own network of transport companies who carry out the transport on our behalf. Under no circumstances do we place your loads on freight exchanges. And we prohibit our transport companies from reselling your cargo via freight exchanges.
  • Who is my contractual partner?
    Always Cargonexx. We are a digital forwarding agency and you conclude a transport contract directly with us. This distinguishes Cargonexx from platforms, brokers and freight exchanges.
  • Can I conclude long-term transport contracts with Cargonexx?
    Yes, our goal is a long-term partnership with our customers. You choose the type of cooperation. Longer-term transport contracts at fixed conditions, project business at agreed conditions or spot orders at daily updated prices are possible.
  • Does Cargonexx also accept fixed prices?
    Yes, most of our customers agree fixed prices with us and enter into a long-term business relationship with Cargonexx.
  • Does Cargonexx participate in tenders?
    Yes. We look forward to your inviting us to your tenders in the future.
  • If I enter a single order on the platform - is the commitment binding?
    Yes, on the platform you will immediately receive a price for individual orders, at which we will carry out the transport bindingly. All you need to do is confirm with a mouse click.
  • How shortly in advance can I enter individual orders?
    Until 14.00 o'clock for loading on the following day we give a binding promise. If it has to be even shorter, please call us.
  • Can I include Cargonexx as a carrier in my spot pool?
    Yes. Many shippers use Cargonexx as an alternative for their spot and overhang transports. Send us your enquiries. Or activate us for your tender platform.
  • Does Cargonexx have its own capacities?
    Yes. Cargonexx owns its own fleet of chartered trucks that drive exclusively for us. This fleet grows every month.
  • How large is the Cargonexx carrier network?
    More than 8,000 transport companies have currently registered with Cargonexx (as of May 2019). We estimate that behind our carriers there is a fleet of over 120,000 trucks. Every week more than 100 new transport companies register who want to drive for Cargonexx. Our carrier network covers the whole of Europe.
  • How does Cargonexx ensure the quality of the carriers?
    Quality is our most important goal. We monitor and evaluate every single transport. If a carrier's performance is insufficient, we exclude him. In this way we create a system of continuous improvement.
  • How does Cargonexx choose the right carrier?
    Our goal is to become a quality leader. That's why the quality of a carrier's service is one of the most important selection criteria. After each tour we evaluate the quality of the transport. Each carrier has a service quality ranking. This ranking determines the order in which we select the carrier.
  • Can I track the status of the shipment?
    Yes. Each shipment is displayed with its status on the Cargonexx platform. We rely on our own driver smartphone app, on the on-board systems of the truck or on shipment tracking by the dispatcher. You can see the status of your shipment at any time. If delays occur, we actively inform our customers as soon as the delay becomes apparent.
  • What happens if there are problems during transport?
    Our own service team in Hamburg monitors every transport and intervenes if something unforeseen happens. We take care of your transports and solve problems if they occur.
  • Do I have a contact person?
    Yes. Each of our customers has a fixed contact person. We use state-of-the-art technologies to organize our business more efficiently. But we are personally there for our customers.
  • Who are the typical customers of Cargonexx?
    In just a few months, Cargonexx has convinced many leading international retail, industrial and consumer goods companies. These include numerous world market leaders, national champions, successful medium-sized companies and freight forwarders. Our target customers are all companies who regularly order a large number of full loads and who appreciate the combination of good quality and attractive prices.
  • Who's behind Cargonexx?
    Cargonexx GmbH is one of the most successful start-ups in Germany and has received numerous awards, including the best Mobility Start-up in Europe and the best AI Start-up in Germany. The circle of shareholders consists of the founding team and successful German entrepreneurs. There is no connection to a logistics company because we want to preserve our independence.