Uploading freight documents

In order for us to process your documents as soon as possible and to ensure a fast payment, please follow the steps below.

How does the upload of freight documents work at Cargonexx?

  1. Open Cargonexx platform
    All freight documents and PAKi notes can now be uploaded on our transport platform. Click here to access our platform.

  2. View accepted transports
    As soon as you have accessed our platform, you can view all your accepted transports in the upper left tab under "My shipments".

  3. Select transport order
    In the next step, select the transport order for which you want to upload documents.

  4. Click on the tab "Shipment documents”
    Please click on the last tab "Shipment documents" in the opened window

  5. Upload document
    Now upload your documents in the correct category by clicking on the upload field. 

    Your documents will be checked and approved by our service team in the final step.

    Please note that even after uploading, DPL notes must still be sent to us by post and in the original.

In which format must the documents be uploaded?

Load the documents as a scan or image in the formats: PDF, JPG or PNG.

My documents were rejected - what can I do?

If your documents are rejected, you will receive an e-mail informing you to upload your documents again in the corresponding category.

Pay attention to the following points when uploading:

  • Readability
  • Completeness
  • Correct format

Can invoices be submitted?

You do not need to do that. As soon as you have uploaded the freight documents, we pay the open items with our convenient credit note prodecure.

Important tips

  1. Upload each document only once, as we check each incoming document
  2. Tip: If you scan each document individually, you will automatically receive individual PDF files.
  3. alternatively, you can find a program to split a multi-page PDF document here.

Any questions?

Please send us an e-mail to: service@cargonexx.de
Or give us a call: +49 40 87407645

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