Maintaining your transport status

For a transparent execution of your Cargonexx transport, your transport status should always be maintained - but that is uncomplicated with us.


Automatic status update via. project44

The fastest and easiest way to maintain your transport status is via project44. Our new partner project44 is an expert in supply chain transparency. With our free integration, you can automatically track and maintain all touch points of your transport with project44. You save time and enjoy a full overview of your ongoing transport.

Another advantage of using project44 is that we can activate you for all transports that require an automated transport status. You can find all information about project44 here.


Manual status update

Optionally, you can also maintain your transport status manually on our platform. As this process involves considerable additional work, we strongly recommend that you use the automatic and simple status update with project44.


Where do I enter my vehicle information? 

As soon as you have accepted a transport order, a window appears in which you can enter all relevant vehicle information. You can also subsequently call up your transport order in the top bar under "My orders" to add the missing information. 


Is it possible to book a connecting tour? 

After you have entered your vehicle information, our system will show you your accepted tour. If you wish, our search assistant will automatically inform you about suitable connecting tours that are available near your unloading location. If the vehicle is already planned for the follow-up order, you can also enter alternative capacities as you wish.  

You can find more information about our search assistant here.


How do I update the shipment status? 

  • Show active transports
    Click on the tab "My shipments" at the top 
  • Select transport order
    Select the status you want to update by clicking on a transport order. 
  • Show up shipment tracking
    Click on the middle tab "Tracking" to view the status of your shipment.
  • Edit shipment status 
    Update your shipment status information: Licence plate, ETA loading & unloading point, actual arrival loading & unloading point, departure loading & unloading point. In addition, there is a comment field for each loading & unloading point in which you can enter deviations or further information.


When will I receive my payment? 

As soon as your information has been entered and the transport has been completed, please upload your delivery receipts. Payment will be made within seven days after successful verification of your documents. 

You can find further information on the credit note procedure here.

You can find more information about when you will be paid here

You can find more information on how to upload the freight documents correctly here.


Any questions?

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