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    40 ton

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    12 ton

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    7,5 ton

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    Kraje Uni Europejskiej

  • Rodzaj ciężarówki

    Rodzaj ciężarówki


  • Rodzaj ciężarówki

    Rodzaj ciężarówki


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    Transport z regulowaną temperaturą


  • Transport towarów niebezpiecznych

    Transport towarów niebezpiecznych


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    Regularne zlecenia / przetargi


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    Wysyłamy oferty, które pasują do zaplanowanych przez Ciebie transportów. Wystarczy kilka kliknięć, aby otrzymać zlecenie transportowe.

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    Korzystanie z Cargonexx jest bezpłatne i niewiążące. Brak prowizji, brak okresów obowiązywania umów, brak zobowiązań. Nie podejmujesz żadnego ryzyka.

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    Cargonexx prześle Ci wszystkie dokumenty wymagane do realizacji transportu. Jeśli dojdzie do jakiś nieprzewidzianych opóźnień, nasz zespół z Hamburga zajmie się tym i postara rozwiązać wszystkie problemy.

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    Zarejestruj się za darmo na Cargonexx. Po weryfikacji Twojej firmy, będziesz mógł przyjmować zlecenia transportowe bez żadnych ograniczeń i za pomocą zaledwie kilku kliknięć.

Często zadawane pytania

  • What is Cargonexx?
    Cargonexx is a digitalized freight forwarder. We receive orders from our clients and transport their goods with either our own chartered truck fleet or match one of the trucks from our extensive network to the order. Cargonexx is the liable and responsible contractual partner.
  • What transports does Cargonexx offer?
    We are currently offering long-distance haulage for full truck loads within the European Union (except for Switzerland and the United Kingdom). for the moment we are offering dry van, conestoga trailers as well as refridgerated transports. We are constantly expanding our product range. We will add trucks specified for partload cargo and dangerous goods to our network shortly. On a long term basis Cargonexx is planning to offer the transportation of containers, bulk and fluid cargo as well.
  • Is Cargonexx a freight exchange?
    No, we are a liable carrier.
  • Who is my contractual partner?
    You will receive orders from Cargonexx, making us your contractual partner.
  • How can I receive orders?
    Our online platform shows all available tours including what requirements you need to fulfil. In case a tour should be interesting for you, it is possible to the order with just one click. Afterwards you will receive a confirmation electronically.
  • Is it possible to receive automated updates on open tours?
    It is, you can either sign up for our daily newsletter or you can create a customized newsletter showing only tours that fit your demands.
  • Can I work with Cargonexx on a regular basis?
    Option one is to let us know what your requirements and qualifications are and we will find matching regular tours for you. Option two would be a chartering agreement between you and Cargonexx, where we charter your truck and driver on a long-term basis. Payments are made as quick as possible, increasing your revenue while leaving no risks for you.
  • How will I get paid?
    You will send us a copy of the transport documents after discharging and will in return receive a credit note. All documents will be shared electronically.
  • Is it true that carriers are being paid 48 hours after the transport?
    Yes, the relationships with our carriers are extremely important to us. We want everyone to benefit from Cargonexx, which is why we usually pay all carriers immediately after we have received the transport documents but latest after 48 hours.
  • Will I have a direct point of contact?
    Yes, our service team in Hamburg is always available to you in case of issues or questions.
  • Do I agree to any obligations when registering at Cargonexx?
    No, you will only need to agree to our terms and conditions which are complying with current industry standards. There are no further obligations for you. Our platform can be used free of charge, in case you should find an order that suits your demands you can accept it online with just one click.
  • Are there any hidden costs?
    Cargonexx is for free, there are no hidden costs at registration or afterwards. In case you accept a tour you will receive the freight rate we agreed upon.
  • Am I allowed to use subcontractors when working with Cargonexx?
    No, you would need our written permission to do so. A violation can lead to immediate termination of our cooperation.
  • Am I allowed to upload Cargonexx orders to freight exchanges?
    No, this is strictly forbidden, our cooperation will be immediately terminated and will take legal action that can result in penalties of up to 1.000 €.