Enhancing User Experience in Logistics Design: Cargonexx's Strategy for Enterprise UX

August 30, 2023
Vishnu Raj Maniyil
Enhancing User Experience in Logistics Design: Cargonexx's Strategy for Enterprise UX

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At Cargonexx, we know that user experience (UX) is critical in logistics. User experience (UX) is critical in logistics due to the need for user adoption in a domain that often involves unskilled labor and complex processes with multiple stakeholders. By prioritizing UX, logistics organizations can enhance user engagement, streamline operations, and overcome challenges related to process compliance and data integration, ensuring seamless connectivity and efficient collaboration across the supply chainAfter all, creating an intuitive and seamless experience that caters to the specific needs of our customers is vital to our success. That's why we prioritise Enterprise UX and simplicity in our design system (Compass)  and follow the double diamond design process to ensure that our logistics solutions deliver real value.

But what is Enterprise UX, you might ask?

Enterprise UX focuses on designing for specific business needs and goals while catering to the unique demands of our customers. At Cargonexx, we prioritise enterprise UX so that we can deliver real value to our customers and efficiency to our business. We are already aware of many efficient enterprise solutions (SaaS) across the globe that helped solve the enterprise problems and help achieve their growth in a very small amount of time. How did these enterprise achieve this?  By following the "Double Diamond Design Process".

In logistics, a positive user experience goes beyond task completion. It requires an opportunity to design a seamless and efficient overall user experience. After all, we know that our users deal with a vast amount of orders, jumping between calls, and is in quest to find an efficient way to transport the goods across the globe and fulfil the logistics needs in a sustainable manner. That's why we use the Double Diamond design process to deliver the best logistics solutions in our product that meet the needs of our customers and business.

What is The Double Diamond design process?

Double Diamond Design Process (image NHS digital)

The Double Diamond design process is a highly versatile and scalable method that helps us approach design challenges in an organised, strategic, and effective manner. We use this method to uncover the right problem, quickly prototype solutions, and deliver the right solutions for our customers. The process consists of four phases, namely, Discover, Define, Develop, and Deliver.

  1. Discover: This is the initial phase of the process where we research and explore the problem's context, including user needs, business goals, and other relevant factors.
  2. Define: After identifying the problem, our team progresses to the definition phase. Here, we refine the problem's focus, develop user personas, and define the design's scope and requirements. These are design methods we use to put ourselves in your shoes and gain a deeper understanding of your business problems and solutions.
  3. Develop: During the development phase, we ideate, prototype, and test potential solutions to the problem. The design and development teams work together in this phase to deliver features/products for your business.
  4. Deliver: The delivery phase involves delivering the final product or solution that solves the problem. However, this is not the end of our partnership. We will continue to iterate and provide solutions that meet your evolving needs.

Introducing our design system:  Compass

Our design system, Compass, is a collection of reusable components, best practices, and principles designed to navigate our users with an intuitive and seamless experience in the product. We prioritise simplicity in design through our design system to ensure that our users' experience is consistent across all products and services, reducing learning curves and enabling them to accomplish their goals quickly and efficiently.

To ensure that our logistics solutions meet the needs of our business and customers, we follow a set of enterprise UX principles.

  1. Clear communication: Our interfaces are concise and straightforward, enabling our customers to understand what they need to do to achieve their goals. You will know what needs to be done at the right time and in while doing a task.
  2. Consistency: We maintain consistency across all our products and services, ensuring our customers have a consistent experience and reducing learning curves that can hinder user experience. You will not have to spend more than few seconds to figure out how to do your tasks in different modules across our product.
  3. Accessibility: Does some of your colleagues have difficulty differentiating red and blue colours? Is it difficult for you focus on huge chunk of data on the tables all day. We ensure that our services and products are accessible to all our users, including people  with diverse abilities. We are constantly trying to achieve web accessibility standards step by step.
  4. Focus on Business Goals: We prioritise business goals and design user experience around them to ensure that we deliver real value to our customers.
  5. Efficiency: We design our logistics solutions with efficiency in mind, enabling our customers to achieve their goals quickly and efficiently.

In summary, prioritising enterprise UX and bringing simplicity in design is essential to our logistics solutions. By following design principles, industry process and guidelines, we ensure that we find the right problem to solve and solve it the right way, delivering real value to our customers' business.

So if you're looking for a Transport Management Platform that brings transparency and collaboration to road freight logistics delivering the best user experience, look no further than Cargonexx!

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