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Dynamic route planning at the push of a button

  • Reduction of transport kilometers: 5%.
  • Savings in process costs: 80%
  • € / Km
  • Planned tours per FTE
  • Higher degree of automation of processes
  • Cost transparency at planning level


A manufacturer of soft drinks wants to digitize its processes in the company. The goal: to continue to work in a contemporary manner and to provide employees with the latest software solutions. Management expectations: Processes should be made visible, thus reducing transport and process costs and creating process reliability in logistics.

Logistical requirements

  • Depot situation
  • Approx. 100 partial and complete loads per day
  • Recurring unloading point in trade
  • Full and empty transports are planned separately
  • Spot allocation
  • Own fleet and permanent contractors
  • Specific truck equipment
  • Specific requirements for the driver

Software requirements

  • Truck-based route planning + live data
  • Mapping of various costs per entrepreneur
  • Usable in a few days, without interfaces and installation effort (SaaS)
  • Customer-specific requirements are taken into account during planning (delivery times, service times, required equipment)
  • Consideration of vehicle and driver characteristics (certificates, truck types, driving and working times)

This is how Cargonexx solved the challenge

With automated route planning, Cargonexx enables fast and flexible planning of orders on a daily basis. In doing so, we place particular emphasis on the dispatcher's way of working and allow interventions in the planning at any time. Planned tours that cannot be realized due to daily complications or customer-specific restrictions can be prioritized.

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