That is Cargonexx. Enthusiasm for logistics.

Transport Management Platform-as-a-Service,by IT, product and community enthusiasts for logistics professionals.

Cargonexx develops software for road freight logistics with the experience and know-how of five years of digital freight forwarding.

Too many people still organize truck transports with pen and paper, Excel spreadsheets and outdated software. There are too many phone calls, e-mails and superfluous work steps. The logistics industry works in silos or supply chains.

The result: one third of all trucks on European highways are empty and produce CO2 unnecessarily.

Our goal is to reshape collaboration in road freight logistics. With a software solution that brings all participants together on one platform.

Our mission

Cargonexx improves transportation management as a full-service platform: from order to delivery. Designed for seamless integration of technologies, people and businesses with a focus o end-to-end collaboration. For complete and data-driven visibility to reduce costs, save time and lower CO2 emissions.


Our values reflect our mission statement as a company, so that our customers, employees and partners know what they can expect from us and what we stand for.


The focus is on trust with our customers, employees, partners and society. We achieve this through transparency in every interaction.


Together with a strong community, we are committed to the future of transportation management - with industry experts for industry experts.


We are fiercely committed to the success of our customers, employees and community - today and in the future.


Our vision is our guiding principle: to develop solutions that lead to sustainable logistics practices for our customers, the industry and the environment.

More sustainability for SMEs. Through an innovative platform.

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