The future of trucking

Cargonexx is the first digital freight forwarder, using
artificial intelligence to reduce empty runs and CO2 emissions.

for Shippers

Cargonexx is offering long distance haulage for full truck loads throughout Europe. We are responsible and liable for your transports. Due to our digitalized processes we are able to remain affordable, reliable and flexible, even during peak seasons.

Ship with Cargonexx

for Carriers

Cargonexx offers great opportunities for carriers to easily increase their turnover. Accept spot requestes with only one click. We offer you suitable relations on a regular basis.

Haul with Cargonexx

Digital intelligence for the future

Cargonexx has created a tool using artificial intelligence for truck transportation. Neural networks learn to memorize knowledge and ever-changing conditions throughout the logistics industry as well as to predict prices and fluctuations in capacity, enabling the system and Cargonexx to react within seconds.

That is how we are able to increase utilization rates, minimize empty capacities and decrease transport costs. Our technology is unique within Europe.

Cargonexx is a pioneer within the logistics sector

Best European Mobility Start-up

Best Deep Tech Start-up Europe

Best German AI Start-up

Best Start-up 2018

Best Logistics Start-up

Best Start-up in Germany

Finalist – Best Logistic Project

Finalist – German Innovation Award

Best Innovation in Logistics (Poland)

Customer Innovation

Customer Satisfaction

Best Founder in Hamburg

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