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A medium-sized food manufacturer (annual sales 150 - 250 million euros) is part of a capital market-oriented corporate holding company. Due to the increasing importance of comprehensive ESG* reporting for capital market-oriented companies, the head of logistics of the food manufacturer has been tasked with submitting regularCO2 reporting on the truck transports carried out as of 2023. It is foreseeable that the food manufacturer's customers (food retailers) will also demand active reporting on the subject ofCO2 compliance. The Head of Logistics continues to anticipate rising costs in transport logistics as a result of expanded trading inCO2 certificates over the next few years. The driver for the extension of trading to transport logistics is the EU initiative "Fit for 55"**. A quick solution is sought to enable ad-hoc CO2 reporting. Furthermore, the solution should represent a possibility for long-term CO2 optimization.

Logistical requirements

  • None

Technical requirements

  • High data quality for accurate calculation of CO2 emissions available
  • No to very low IT effort for testing and implementing software for CO2 compliance in logistics
  • Reporting complies with EU standards and can be used for reporting towards the corporate holding company
  • Reporting can still be used to optimize CO2 emissions in the second step

How does Cargonexx solve the challenge

Cargonexx entered into a partnership with GRYN at an early stage and enables its customers to have a simple and sustainable CO2 reporting system. The report is available to you and thus to your customers at any time. We help you report your CO2 emissions with little effort and reduce them proactively. Start with us into a greener future.

* ESG declared

** Explanation: Fit for 55

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