Why Cargonexx?

Efficiency and effectiveness in collaboration between all parties involved, this is what matters more and more. With Cargonexx, there is now a solution that connects all participants from the world of logistics.
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Transport Management Platform
The comprehensive software platform for sustainable and future-proof logistics networks.

From Supply Chain to Supply Network.

Transcend traditional linear supply chains and enter a new era of logistics. Delivery networks are dynamic and event-driven, providing real-time data and adaptive optimization of transportation management processes.
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Traditional supply chains limit us with requirements-based (IT) processes, data silos, and manual processes. Imagine a system that consolidates information into one reliable source of truth, integrates disparate systems, provides intuitive and user-friendly operation, continuously leverages data to optimize resources, and offers freight pooling capabilities.

Inquiry-related barriers

Existing architectures hinder real-time decision-making and collaboration.

More Than 10 Sources of Confusion

With many sources of truth for a shipment, data-based transparency is a challenge.

Aging Methods

Current methods rely on manual data processing, leading to execution gaps.

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Welcome to the future of logistics, where traditional supply chains are evolving into dynamic delivery networks. Experience real-time data flow and seamless collaboration that eliminates inefficiencies and improves the customer experience. Adapt and grow with Cargonexx. Together, we are shaping a sustainable and customer-centric logistics world.

Event-Driven Innovation

Real-time exchange of data facilitates data-informed decisions, seamless automation, and enhanced collaboration.

A Single Source of Clarity

A single source of truth for shipments, enabling transparent and informed decisions.

Ready-to-Use Integrations

Plug & Play solutions close digital execution gaps and bring automation to business processes.

Turn your transport logistics into a competitive advantage!


Reduce costs!
Reduce your costs by up to 20% with the right route optimization.


Data-driven automation and decision-making can reduce between 25% and 35% of process costs.


Reduce CO2!
Collaborative logistics initiatives can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 35% compared to traditional supply chain processes.

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What makes our platform a sustainable solution?

A modern software technology that meets the requirements of the future.
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Decrease emissions by up to 35% with shared truck load.
Lower costs and reduce CO2 emissions per ton kilometer due to more FTLs.
Achieve 93% energy savings and 98% fewer greenhouse gases with our shared cloud system compared to on-site servers.
Lower energy consumption through efficient IT infrastructure.
Enable 100% remote or hybrid work.
Scale as needed - for the future of logistics and your business growth.
...and much more.
Cargonexx Transport Management Platform

Cargonexx provides the best foundation for seamless integration between technologies, people and businesses, helping our customers reduce costs, save time and reduce CO2 emissions.

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More sustainability for SMEs. Through an innovative platform.

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