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Shaping a sustainable future: Future-proof rethinking in dispo

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions by 83% through use of alternative transport carriers
  • Optimization of routes and change of transport carriers leads to lower transport costs
  • Dynamic route planning strengthens the green footprint and increases customer satisfaction
  • CO2 reduction rate
  • Average transportation costs
  • OTIF rate
  • Implement environmentally friendly transportation alternatives in line with the sustainability strategy.
  • Real-time tracking and reporting tools create transparency in supply chains
  • Process optimization through dynamic and event-driven route planning
  • Use of future-oriented software


A medium-sized screw manufacturer (annual sales >350 million euros) wants to rethink its transport logistics and make them future-proof. The reasons for the rethink include the company's digitization strategy, the increasing focus on the green footprint, and the approaching obligation of CO2 reporting. Away from manual planning and execution in Excel, towards dynamic route planning with event-controlled execution, which makes the dispatcher's daily routine more time-effective.

A large number of the automatically generated tours can be transported more cost-effectively, more quickly and in a more CO2-neutral manner by using a wide range of different modes of transport. The dispatching simply lacks time and resources to implement this rethinking during normal working hours. The company is looking for a fast, uncomplicated and future-proof software-as-a-service solution for dispatching, which, taking into account the logistical challenges, makes the daily work of dispatching more effective and strives for longer-term CO2 optimization.

Logistical requirements:

  • None

Technical requirements:

  • the higher the data quality, the more accurate the calculation of CO2 emissions
  • No to very low IT effort for testing and implementations by using state-of-the-art IT infrastructures
  • CO2 reporting according to EU standards (ISO14083, EN16258, GLEC)

How does Cargonexx solve the challenge?

Cargonexx and NxtLog have partnered to provide Transport Management Platform customers with a state-of-the-art solution for measuring, reporting and reducing emissions, including CO2, NOx and SO2. Both primary and secondary data are used for measurement. Reports can be individually differentiated based on various criteria such as pre-, main- and post-haulage, different business units, different regions and various other factors.

Lay the foundation for your future-proof and sustainable disposition with us now and all this only from one source of truth. The dynamically created tour plan, taking into account the logistical challenges, involves a truck tour from Hamburg to Madrid. By using the alternative transport proposals, the scheduling of the screw manufacturer can reduce CO2 emissions by 83%, but the transit time and freight increase. Thanks to the synergy effects of both IT landscapes, the bolt manufacturer can redesign its dispatching to be future-proof with very little effort.

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