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How SME's Can Master the New ESRS Reporting Requirments

In 2023, the European Union introduced the European Sustainability Reporting Standards as part of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). The majority of European companies, around 24 million, are directly or indirectly affected by these new reporting standards and must adapt to them. Reporting represents a complex challenge and means additional work for SMEs, which will have to regularly submit data and reports, at least to their customers.

Thursday, March 14
1:00 - 2:00 pm
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The goal of this free webinar: Cargonexx will explain the new reporting standard (VSME) specifically for SMEs and presents practical examples of its implementation.

Why should I attend:

  • Introduction to the components of ESRS (Double Materiality Assessment (DMA), overarching and topic-specific standards and much more)
  • Introduction to the reporting standard for SMEs - VSME
  • Bonus: All participants will receive exclusive access to a complete list of all required data points outlines in VSME to prepare for your first ESRS sustainability report.

If you are unsure whether your company is directly or indirectly affected, we recommend this 15-minute webinar to gain clarity.

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