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No-code integration enables testing with live data without IT effort



Cargonexx and Spedition Irtz have jointly launched an innovative project for dynamic route planning to overcome the logistical challenges of the industry. The introduction as well as the testing of new technologies can often be complex and tedious. The results of dynamic route planning can only be meaningfully compared when using real data (master and order data).

Logistical requirements

  • Least impact of the test on day-to-day operations

Technical requirements

  • High data quality for good results
  • No to very low IT effort for testing and implementation Β 

How does Cargonexx solve the challenge?

No-code integration enables fast and error-free import of master data:

With the help of our no-code integrations, Cargonexx was able to use various import procedures to import the master data as from Spedition Irtz quickly and, above all, 100% correctly. This paved the way for immediate and effective use of our software and testing with live data.

Seamless processing of load data through no-code automation:

The flexibility of the no-code technology made it possible to process the various formats of cargo data that Spedition Irtz receives from its customers directly into the Cargonexx platform without any additional programming effort. This has enabled a test of our software with live data. Β 

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