ESRS Update 2024: What SMEs need to consider in transport logistics now

December 20, 2023
ESRS Update 2024: What SMEs need to consider in transport logistics now

In our last webinar, we looked at the latest developments in European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) and examined the specific effects on transport logistics and SMEs in Germany.

EU Policy and ESRS: A New Era for SMEs

The year 2024 marks the beginning of a new era of transparency and accountability for the 23 million SMEs in Europe. The new EU guidelines on sustainability reporting mean that companies of this size must collect and publish their data. This is an important milestone on the road to a more sustainable economy.

SMEs in focus: preparing for upcoming commitments

The obligation to collect data presents SMEs with new challenges, but also offers opportunities for growth and improvement. Our webinar provided insights into specific requirements and the importance of adapting to these new standards.

The path to dual importance and beyond

DMA (Double Materiality Assessment) is a complex but crucial tool that companies must use to define their reporting criteria in accordance with ESRS. Our webinar provided a detailed insight into this process and showed how companies can benefit from it.

Practical insights and innovative solutions

Using case studies and specific examples, we have shown how Cargonexx supports the industry with innovative solutions. WEPA's journey has shown how expectations of suppliers have increased, will continue to rise and what role Cargonexx plays in meeting these expectations.

Your bonus

As a participant in our webinar, you have received exclusive insights into the future requirements of leading consumer goods manufacturers for their suppliers when it comes to sustainability — an advantage that can help you strengthen your own business relationships.

Cargonexx: Your partner on the way to sustainable supply networks

At Cargonexx, we know that the future of logistics lies in sustainability. With our Transport Management Platform, we offer a solution that increases transparency, reduces complexity and enables everyone involved to work more efficiently while reducing CO2 emissions.

We invite you

Watch the full recording of our webinar to dive deeper into the subject matter and understand how the latest ESRS developments are affecting SMEs in Germany — particularly in the transport logistics sector.

Would you like to learn more about how Cargonexx can help small and medium-sized companies on their journey to sustainable supply networks? Then make an appointment with one of our experts. We look forward to working with you to shape the future of logistics.

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