Latest product updates: A revolution in trip and order planning

February 13, 2024
Latest product updates: A revolution in trip and order planning

At Cargonexx, continuous innovation and improvement are more than just buzzwords — they are at the core of what we do. Today, we're excited to share two breakthrough updates with you.

1. The next generation of automated route planner

Our latest automated route planner is not just an upgrade, it is a quantum leap in route planning technology.

Powered by advanced technology: At the heart of the trip planner lies an advanced planning engine that is equipped with AI optimization algorithms and cutting-edge problem-solving techniques. For you, this means unparalleled efficiency and dynamism in solving the Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP).

An insight into key features:

  • Faster optimization: Experience has shown reduced calculation times for faster and smarter decisions.
  • Improved accuracy: Logistically sensible routes that reflect scheduling strategies.
  • scalability: No matter how complex your requirements are, our solution scales dynamically.
  • Tailored route planning: More control over your routes with advanced configuration options.
  • Real-Time Adjustments: Flexibility to update tours on-the-fly saves valuable time.

2. Introduction of the new module: Order planning

Based on valuable feedback from our dedicated beta testing community, we are proud to present our innovative order planning module. This innovative approach was developed specifically to simplify location selection for order processing and vehicle planning for medium-sized shippers and dealers in particular.

main features:

  • Quick order allocation: Efficient allocation of order locations (collection or delivery) for orders and simultaneous allocation to available vehicles. In this way, orders can be easily planned and handed over to freight forwarders and managed in seconds.
  • Simplified efficiency: Streamline full load management by removing unnecessary complexity
  • Planning from a single source: Use a uniform interface for comprehensive planning and simplify your entire fulfillment process.


Our latest innovations are proof of our commitment to providing the best solutions for our customers. If you'd like a deeper dive into these updates, contact us for a personal demo or an appointment.

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